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Lil is meticulous and hard working. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants someone on their team to manage all the details and make sure things get done on time. She’s great at follow through which is a rarity these days. I truly appreciated her kind heart, attention to detail and follow through. She was a dream to work with. - Brigid W

Lil is prompt, efficient, and meticulous. We couldn't have overhauled our 5,000 person database without her skills. And, whenever I need a task done in a jif, I know I can count on her. In a business that takes a lot of unexpected turns, it's very reassuring to know that we have "auxiliary" staff available in the form of Lil. - Kris W


Lil’s work ethic and attention to detail is second to none. I’ve found her to be a fast learner with excellent project management skills. I would highly recommend Lil, she is a very trustworthy individual and a pleasure to work with. - Jackie dB

Lil was indispensable in helping me streamline processes, stay on top of client communications, and organize key business data. She is focused and detail-oriented, an asset to any business in need of office support. To add to her superior client support skills, she is a great listener and has valuable experience and insights into business development, thanks to her own business pursuits. - Kate G

As our website guru, Lil is quick, accurate, proactive, and resourceful.  With her background in engineering she thinks of solutions efficiently and puts then into place.  We are so lucky to have her as part of our team! - Cheryl C

Lil has been a huge help in updating our database and getting us on track. Everything she works on she does quickly, efficiently and helps to bring a fresh eye to our overall needs. We are so grateful for her flexibility and support! - Kelly G


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