Services that make me SHINE!:



Social Media

Create Memes

Repurpose Newsletter into Blog, LinkedIn Article and Memes for Social Media

Schedule Social Media

Search for Images for Blog Posts or Social Media


Web Sites

Critique/Proof Web Sites

Create/Manage Web Site

Create Landing Pages

Add Testimonials to Web Site

Create FAQ Video/Page



Create Educational Documentation

Create Educational Power Point/Slide Presentations

Transcribe and Edit Book Materials

Create Procedural Documentation to Run the Company

Create Electronic Business Cards, Brochures, Promotional Materials

Transcribe live-streams and videos

Create Customer Surveys

Manage and Use CRM for Email Blasts



Create/Organize Data in Spreadsheets

Create/Manage Data Base

Manage/Schedule Calendar



Create/Critique/Proof Instructional Video

Edit Videos


Quality Assurance

Proof web site pages/links/visual appeal

Proofread slide decks, emails, landing pages and all other copy


Intrepreneur VA

I'll Polish, You SHINE! is my Formal Resume

Here is a pdf of Things That Make Me Shine! if you want to download it.
Note this is just a partial list and constantly growing. If you don't see it here, just ask.


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