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Memoirs and Book

One of my clients wanted her memoirs recorded. Because of advanced age and medical issues, she was unable to use a computer. I wrote her memoirs in MS Word from hand written pages and verbal dictation. English was her second language so I proofed and edited her memoirs and provided her with a paper manuscript and a digital thumb drive. The memoirs can be given to her family for enjoyment and history. We then self-published the memoirs into a paperback book on Amazon/Kindle for purchase.

Consolidating A Database

One of my clients writes grants. They need to pull information from their database in order to fill out the many required forms. The information was spread out over many locations and held by various staff members. I consolidated the information in G Suite, formatting it all into one style for uploading to the desired platform. Now the next grant will be easier to fill out.

Web Site Manager

As a board member for a non-profit organization, I built and currently maintain the web site on Website Creator. I edit it monthly with news about each meeting and special events. I update members bios and keep the membership informed in a timely fashion.

Repurposed Newsletter

My client provides me with her newsletter each month. I proof/edit it for clarity and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The newsletter goes out in an email blast through MailChimp. It is then turned into a blog post on the client's WordPress web site and finally I make a LinkedIn article. I create memes (graphics with text), using Canva, highlighting four points in her newsletter. I then schedule posts to the client's social media platforms via HootSuite. This gives the client a lot of exposure from one monthly newsletter.

Web Site Critique

One of my clients designed WordPress web sites. I assisted her in many facets of her business, but a large part of my service to her was proofing web sites before they launched and making changes per her client's requests. Web site critiques is one of my "super powers". Knowing a web site has had another set of eyes on it, can give relief to the owner. All the links have been checked, text has been proofed and the visual aesthetic is consistent and robust.

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