Virtual Assistant As Teachers

    Being a virtual assistant, I have come in contact with a variety of digital business platforms and applications (apps). I have worked with many businesses that use all sorts of business tools. I have learned a lot along the way.

    Generally, many of the tools are similar in nature and, after a while, it's just the nuances that are different. Many virtual assistants are happy to give a tutorial or set up an app and then let the client run with it. It's just another way a virtual assistant can be of service to the business world.

    Some services I have tutored are: how to use Zoom, how to navigate a WordPress dashboard and how to use MailChimp. I have also proofed websites and given feedback. The Do-It-Yourself business owner can get specific instructions on the piece of the tool they want to use to get the job done. I create a video so the recipient can replay it as often as they like. This empowers my client to learn a new tool and move forward with their business.


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