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    My dad passed away recently. Among the many thoughtful and much appreciated sympathy cards I received, one really stood out. My friend Sharon sent me something from Send Out Cards. It had a nice picture on the front of the card, but on the inside of the card was a picture of my dad. She had personalized the card by taking the photo I had posted on Facebook, about my dad's passing, and added it to the sympathy card. She wrote a personal note on the inside. On the back of the card was her branded business contact info including her picture. I was trying to explain to my husband where he knew Sharon from. I just flipped the card over and pointed to her picture. He remembered her instantly.

    Not only was this a lovely gesture, it reminded me that I could also send out cards any time, any where using "Send Out Cards."

    I will use this fantastic online greeting card system for:

    1. My personal life
    2. My business
    3. A service to my clients.

    "Send Out Cards" is a wonderful way to stay in touch - who doesn't like getting a card in the mail? A card will stick around for a while and remind people that you are thinking of them.

    "Send Out Cards" is easy to use:

    1. As a one-time send
    2. In batch mailings (think holiday cards).
    3. As a sequence mailing (for follow ups).

    They also have a wide selection of gifts that can accompany the card.

    You may already have a "Send Out Cards" account that you haven't used in a while or you might just want to set up an account now. Stay in touch with your family/friends/clients - especially during times that we can't physically be with one another. It can say so much!


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