Take Time To Correct Spelling

    Correct Spelling Gives A Professional Impression

    It's important to maintain correct spelling and grammar in all written forms. It may be tempting to use 'slang' or 'text style' abbreviations for words, but in the professional world, this is a no-no.

    If you are in a rush or if spelling is not your strong suit, help is available - right at your fingertips! Many people are aware of Spell Check on many of the editor platforms. Most editors will underline a misspelled word in red to alert you to the issue (this includes social media posts). Did you know you can place your cursor on the offending word (not highlight it) and right click to see spelling options? There is also a free software app called Grammarly that can help catch spelling and grammar errors.

    A second set of eyes is always a good idea. For some reason our brain will not see our own errors. It is well worth having someone else proofread your work. This is also important for websites and social media posts. The public will judge your professionalism in these media as well.

    Take time to check and correct spelling and grammar. It could mean the difference between you and the competition acquiring that next project.


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