Resend Email Newsletter

    You can achieve a far greater readership of your newsletter if you resend to the folks that didn't open the newsletter the first time you sent it.

    I use this technique every month for my newsletter and get a significant percentage to open on the 2nd sending. I happen to use MailChimp, but I believe other email services provide similar functions.

    Here's how to resend a newsletter in MailChimp:
    1. Go to the original newsletter and Replicate
    2. Edit the title and SAVE. If you date your newsletter, you may want to update that.
    3. Edit Recipients
    4. Choose Segment or Tag
    5. Choose Group or New Segment
    In the box that opens:
    6. Contact match [Any] of the following conditions:
    7. Choose Campaign Activity
    8. Choose Did Not Open
    9. Choose specific campaign
    On the top right of the box
    10. Update Recipients Count (this number should be a smaller number than your original audience)
    11. SAVE
    12. Schedule or Send newsletter

    I typically resend my newsletter a week after the original was sent. It always amazes me how many people open the resend.


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