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    A ring light is a high powered LED light that is excellent for video conferencing. In a perfect lighting world, the person on camera would have a light at 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock in front of them shining on their face and no lights behind them. The ring light gives a nice balance of light. The model I have is extendable up to 5 feet, has many different light settings and brightnesses. It even has a phone holder if you are using your phone to do your video conferencing.

    This is far better than the small, clip-on ring light that I had earlier. That just made a reflection in my glasses and didn’t give off enough light to shine on my face.

    I have my ring light set up on my desk in front of my computer where I do all my video conferencing. At $40, it is a very useful tool and I know I am always well lit for the camera. I bought it at Staples: Halo Travel Pro 10” LED Ring Light.


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