Give Yourself A Break

    Give Yourself A Break

    I became a virtual assistant over a year ago because I wanted freedom to be able to work from anywhere. My parents were elderly and in another state. I wanted the flexibility to take my work with me when I needed to tend to their needs.

    Last June my dad passed away. He was in a rehab facility and, due to Covid, we were not allowed to visit him. Although it was very sad, there was nothing for me to physically do concerning his well being and so I worked through the events. I found work to be a welcomed distraction.

    In January this year, my mother entered home hospice care—really that meant my husband and I WERE hospice care. I really thought I would be able to maintain an abbreviated work schedule during "break times" with my mother. My husband and I decided we would take turns staying with my mother in NY while the other one would return home to MA to tend to home things there. I quickly found that, even though I was not always "on call" with my mother, I was spending any free time I had just getting the basics done at home before I returned for my "shift" with mom.

    During my "shifts" with mom there were some down times. She slept a lot, but, I was always listening for her to wake up or start moving around. I found there were no consistent times I could focus on work. I finally realized that I needed to just let go of work and concentrate on the care of my mother. I make no apologies for this—nor should I.

    I am sharing this story because we all have life-changing events in our lives that are greater than a work schedule. That is part of life and death and no one gets out alive.

    My mother's funeral was last week. I am coming out of the darkness and into the light again. Covid is more under control and the bans are lifting. Life continues on.

    I gave myself the break I needed and now I will re-group and continue on as well.


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