Digital File Organization

    I am a very organized person. I can't help it, it's just in my nature. If I see chaos, I immediately want to organize it. It's like a puzzle to me and an obsessive need to create order. This is one of my super powers which makes me a good virtual assistant. Digital file organization is a top priority for me to maintain all my client's information.

    As a business person, you want to be able to retrieve information quickly. Did you know that you can create folders and sub-folders to organize your desktop on your computer? It's easy and quick.

    1. Right click on your desk top to create a folder.
    2. Name your folder - make it a useful name - something you will recognize a year from now, without opening the folder to discover what's inside.
    3. Create sub-folders within the folder using the menu bar. Place more detailed files here.
    4. Save files to the folder/sub-folder using the SAVE AS command or simply click and drag the file into the folder.

    Knowing where items are and being able to quickly find them will save time. It will also make you look like a hero when your client needs that certain something and you are able to grab it in no time.
    Having organized files will alleviate stress during tax time when we all need to know where our data lives.

    Don't stop there. The same kind of organization applies to Favorites in your web browser. When you create a Favorite, it is placed in your Favorites file. These can be moved (example - alphabetically) and the most used ones can be dragged to your tool bar for easy access. And, yes, folders and sub-folders can be created to collect common web pages (example - favorite cat videos).


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