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Apps and Software


Let me just say there are a million apps out there. There are a million software products and platforms to help you run your business. I may not know all of them intimately. Whatever you use in your business - I can learn it. I am tech savvy. There is always a learning curve - even if the app is familiar. I will need to learn how you run your business. Give me a little time and I will save you a LOT of time!

What Am I Looking For?

Let me be your "Girl Friday". I wish to contract with a small business entrepreneur who is looking for a consistent Virtual Assistant. Part-time, flexible hours would be ideal (20-30hrs/wk), but more hours could be added for the right circumstance.

My personal passions lie in organic living and healthy immune systems. Humane animal welfare is top of my list as well. I have a music and art background as well as video editing and holistic healing modalities. Any of these professions would be an excellent fit.

My Skills


I have a wide range of skills from an experienced background. What makes me SHINE is details, organization, colors, creativity (I have a visual eye). I have a "Get It Done" attitude. My engineering brain wants to "Solve The Problem." Efficiency and organization is what I am all about. My very strong work ethic is: "Be the job great or small - do it well or not at all." Documentation needs to be clear, concise and to the point. I am great at communicating across language barriers and various skill levels. I have a capacity to bring the layperson and the professional to the same level of understanding. I recognize and can bridge the gap between what is “obvious” to the professional and what may need clarifying for the layperson.


Quality Assurance (QA)


We live in a fast paced world. Sometimes "Done" is better than "Perfect". But, wouldn't it be nice to have both? A second set of eyes is critical after you have been staring at the same thing for days/weeks/months. Let me proof your documents/letters/posts/website/images for clarity, brevity, accuracy and visual appeal.



Your business may already have existing documentation - brochures, educational materials, forms - but if not, I can help with that. Does your business have documented procedures in place? I know "procedures" sound boring. It is critical that you have procedures in place for every part of your business. This will help you to hire the "right" person with the "right" skills to do the job and succeed. This will allow you to step away from your business and know it is running smoothly. (Remember that un-plugged vacation you dreamed about?) I can document your business.



Have you collected a lot of "great data" on your clients? Is it a "Giant Hot Mess"? Data isn't any good if you can't find it, use it or analyze it. I am a firm believer in only collecting what will really help you. Do you really need to know your client's birthday? Are you sending them a card? Let me organize your data so you are able to find it and use it effectively.



Time is one of the most valuable things we have. No one wants to waste it. We are at our best when we spend time doing things we "love" - things that make us SHINE! Unfortunately, in business, there are things we "must" do that are not "fun" and can be draining. Let me do those things for you and free up your time so you can SHINE!

Are you overwhelmed with the details of your business? Do you have great ideas and wonderful clients, but you just can't get it all done? Would you love to take an unplugged vacation but feel like it's never going to happen?

You may feel there are not enough hours in a day to do everything you need to do and make it the way you like. You did not start your business so that you could be a slave to it! I can help.

Intrepreneur VA

I'll Polish, You SHINE!

What is an Intrepreneur?

An Intrepreneur is a person who thinks like an Entrepreneur - but works within a business. As an Intrepreneur, I work in your business as a helping hand to move your business forward.

What is a VA - Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is contracted to work in your business. VAs work remotely from their home/office via the internet (Virtual). A VA may offer many different types of services - much like an office manager (Assistant). The beauty of working with a VA is that they can concentrate on projects without the distraction of a busy office. You also don't have to provide the overhead of an office or benefits.

As a VA, I can do the things you don't want to do or don't have time to do.

Hi! My name is Liliane Sklenarik - Virtual Assistant Extraordinaire!

I consider myself an Intrepreneur - I work behind the scenes to help you Shine in your business!

Are We A Match?


Are you looking for a Virtual Assistant to help take your business to the next level? Did you feel a palpable RELIEF just reading through this page? If you like what you read - Let's a Free half-hour with me on my calendar, or email or phone me.

Liliane Sklenarik


How Can I Help You...

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